Who We Are

Technology Elevated is the home of the SmartCarb and Sonic Flow engine technologies.  Our passion for motorsports and our commitment to advancing the sport with new technologies has led us to where we are today.  We are currently developing and producing the most technologically advanced mechanical fuel system available today, the SmartCarb, for on and off-road motored use and development is ongoing for the Sonic Flow II platform, an internally supercharged, oil-less combustion 2-cycle engine.


The TEC SmartCarb is a smooth bore, gravity fed, single-circuit, mechanical fuel system carburetor, comprising a float operated needle and seat, a high velocity venturi, and an idle set screw.  It utilizes no jets and provides extremely precise mixture control via a single-circuit flat-ground metering rod and simple nozzle arrangement.  The choke is a manually operated valve that allows fuel to be drawn directly from the float bowl, mixed with incoming air, and introduced into the air stream directly behind the slide.  This system provides increased fuel delivery upon start-up, followed by a high idle for warm-up.  Click here for more information about the SmartCarb.

Increase In Horsepower
Fuel Economy Increase
Reduction in Emissions
0ft. +
Altitude Compensation

Sonic Flow II

TEC is uniquely poised to deliver the first technology exclusively designed to eliminate oil pre-mixing or oil injection in 2-cycle engines. By eliminating the consumption of oil in modern 2-cycle engines, Sonic Flow II technology is capable of drastically reducing environmentally harmful emissions and improving fuel consumption. Oil-less combustion is key to integrating modern 2-cycle engines with many of the pioneering emissions reduction strategies being developed today such as multi-fuel capability, lean-burn stratified charge combustion, variable geometry intake and exhaust systems and state of the art exhaust after-treatment techniques. TEC’s goal to develop low emissions products that exceed present and future emission and fuel economy standards will lead to enormous marketing potential and push TEC technologies into a prime mover that can capture a substantial market share of the low emission small engine and recreational product industry.